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Apr 19, 2017
Hello guys,

I also built a motorized bike. In these videos is a sort of guide on how to assemble a engine kit for a bike, In which are shown issues that I had to deal with during the montage and their resolves.
The bicycle rim was a testing one, to test out how the engine and all the parts work together. I also did some experiments with alternative added oils (spoiler alert! it did not go well)
It's also fun to watch, so give it a watch and perhaps tell me, what did I do wrong :D

Welcome to the first part of the bicycle engine assembly where we unbox stuff.
Here you can find the kit stuff: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fahrrad-Motorisierte-80ccm-Kickstart-2-Takt-Benzin-Motor-Hilfsmotor-Umbau-Kit-/162182328258?hash=item25c2d1efc2:g:EPsAAOSwlHRXIyOq
Or the same KIT you can find allso in Europe: http://www.ctyrkolky-hombrac.cz/motokolo/

Welcome to the second part of the bicycle engine assembly where I try mount the engine on the bicycle rim. Spoiler alert! It sucked!

Welcome to the third part of the bicycle engine assembly where we finally mount the engine to the bycicle rim..Success!

Welcome to the fourth part of the bicycle engine assembly where we mount the chain and sprocket..Success!

Welcome to the fifth part of the bicycle engine assembly where we finished the montage of the engine..Success! But the pizza stayed cold . :)

Here, Is an review of changes, that I made based on the nearly 500 KM that I've traveled on this thing.Yeah, you've heard right, 500KM. I love this thing :)
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