How to shorten a throttle cable.

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    I'm posting this here as more people will see it. Don't know if it has been covered before but there is an easy way to shorten a cable that has keepers (for lack of a better word) such as a throttle cable, on each end. Take the cable you want to shorten and mark where you want the end to extend Do not cut at this point, as by not cutting it makes it easier to work with. Take a thin piece of wire and wrap the cable to the size you need for your application. Solder the wire to the cable. Cut the extra off (I prefer to use a grinder, and grind ever so slowly). If the end won't fit right take a file and work on it until the cable end fits to your satisfaction.

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    I have done this same thing with a clutch cable on a motorcycle.
    except, i slid the "keeper" up onto the cable where i wanted it to be. then i soldered the "keeper" to the cable using flux and silver solder. after the solder was cooled, i then cut the excess cable off with a grinder. the solder will help keep the end of the cable from freying when you cut it off.
    this is on a bike with a manual clutch (no hydrolic assist) and it is a tough clutch to pull in. That cable has been in place and in use for 15+ years now.
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    Another easy solution if you have it lying around is 3/32" brass or alloy tubing. I bought mine from a Hobby Shop and always keep a few of the smaller sizes in stock. The alloy you can simply crimp. But I prefer the brass so it can be sweated on with solder at the excess cable end.
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    Will this fix (3/32) allow you to insert the cable into the carburetor piston grove?
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    It certainly does allow the cable end into the Air-lide groove. It looks so neat and pro I use the brass tube on all bicycle cables. Images are a tad unfocused for a quick shot or two.:grin5:

    The alloy tube is thinner walled and will fit a rough cable end. The cable end access hole is 3.58mm and the 3/32" tube is 3.38mm. So quite a neat fit.

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