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    First time poster here. I joined up here to let you all know about a threat to Indiana's currently excellent motorized bicycle laws by both legislators and a motorcycle rights group called ABATE of Indiana (of which I've been a member for 31 years) who've decided to use motorized bicycles as a sacrificial lamb in their effort to keep the helmet law away for motorcycle users.

    I'll post more info on the appropriate motorized bicycle forum.

    My current "motorized bicycle" is a Honda Passport with an automatic transmissioned 48cc 2 HP clone motor that meets the standards of being a motorized bicycle in Indiana.

    Hope the information I present to you is helpful!!

    Tim W., a. k. a. Woodsrat

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    I thought I would say Hi, as I am in Indiana as well, Indianapolis, to be specific. I am interested in reading your other post about ABATE and the helmet laws in IN. Nice to meetcha!

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    welcome Tim

    already checked you out on your other thread also

    good luck with all and have fun as you ride that THING
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    Thanks for the warm welcome--even if my current ride lacks pedals...

    I mistakenly posted on the "General Discussion" forum before I noticed you have a legislative forum on this site. The moderator moved it to it's proper place and I thank them for that.

    Already your members are contacting ABATE of Indiana and trying to educate their leadership about why motorized bicycles should remain license/registration free and I sincerely appreciate your help on this issue.

    I can tell you this much--had motor kits been available when I was younger I'd have been out seeing the world (or at least the surrounding area) and my parents would've thought I was gone for good. What a wonderful idea--adding an inexpensive motor to a bicycle and not having to pedal!!

    I did build my own motorized bike at 13. I saw in a Popular Mechanics
    magazine an ad that said "Motorize Your Bicycle--No Welding Needed!" and an address to send money to for plans. In a nutshell the plans called for building a luggage-rack style engine mount that went over the rear wheel out of 1/2" electrical conduit tubing and plywood. Using a veritical four-stroke utility motor power went via "V" belts from the engine to a jackshaft which then went to the rear wheel on a wooden pulley with a groove routed around it's circumference. The "clutch" could either be a centrifugal unit mounted to the crankshaft or a belt tightener between the crankshaft and the jackshaft (being poor I went with the latter). Not having money for a remote throttle the engine was controlled after starting by reaching back and crankin' her up to speed. Not exactly the safest setup in the world...

    I rode this around the neighborhood and on local motorcycle trails until the bent rear wheel finally rubbed against the belt enough to blow it out. Not having enough money to buy a replacement the bike was parted out and money gathered put into my motorcycle fund.

    The first time I wobbled down the road at 15 MPH without having to pedal was an experience I'll never forget, though. Only those who've converted their bicycles to motor power and never ridden a motorcycle can understand the feeling I felt that day.