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    I'm a disabled vet, 54 yrs.old & just found this site.Decided to join as I'm
    working on motoring an adult trike.Can't ride a bicycle, but I believe I can
    make the trike thing work for me. As it happens, I talked a friend into selling
    something he swore he'd not get rid of(few beers didn't hurt my cause!!):D
    I ended up with his BUMBLE-BIKE motor, which ran about 30mph with his
    "healthy butt"(about 315#'s) The only thing wrong is the friction-roller has
    been worn down on the outside. I don't know how old it is, but, it's in pretty
    good shape. I'm not mechanically inclined, so, since I let my son take it to
    auto class several yrs. ago, I'm in search of someone here to go over it.
    Anyway, I live in Kansas, have been an artist/craftsman pretty much all
    my life(MANY different mediums) but now specialize in personalized CONCHO's,
    (bikers know what they are :helmet::grin5:) I'm gonna need some info after
    this, so, guess I'll post this & get on with it. I'm not on the 'puter much, but
    since I found this site, I might be spending a bit more time.
    "Old Biker Now Pedalin'"

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    Hi and welcome. I saw your other post and will put up a link there.