Huasheng carburetor overflow

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    Hello everyone;
    I have a Huasheng 49 cc, and I have fuel flowing from the overflow tube above the inlet to the carburetor. The float appears to be moving up and down properly. I have looked and have not found out how to rectify this problem. Has anyone dealt with this?

    Your answers are appreciated. thank you very much!
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  2. haoleboy

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    After reading a couple of articles pertaining to this problem on another website, the problem was fixed. it was a valve that had to be cleaned. got it done. Problem fixed.
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    The stock HS carb can be a real pain in the butt. It gets dirty easily because it has lots of tiny holes in it's bits. If it acts up, clean it best you can.

    It's pretty easy to bolt up a chinagirl intake and carb, it works nice out of the box with the Huashengs in most cases.