Hybrid stingray chopper build. HELP!!!


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9:57 PM
Sep 8, 2008
Bronx/NYC, Ny
i want to go the true hybrid route on a chopper, i actually own the 2005 Schwinn Stingray electric chopper and i was planning to add a chinese four stroke engine on it just like alaskavan. problem is the frame is limiting to what i can put on it. the batteries will go behind the seat post tube in frame right over will be the controller and the electric motor of course is a 24v 250watt rear hub motor.

the hardest part is cutting out the seat post tube so that i can fit the gas engine on it. thats actually the main problem then figuring out how to mount both controls on handlebars. im guessing my right is more responsive so ima need a LEFTY electric throttle. i also HATE the front 26in wheel. i definitely am looking for a larger triple tree that will work with my fork and give me some 5 inces in the dropouts for another 4.25 big boa tire on a 100mm rim so i get a schwinn fatboy look.

two other big problems are that i have a freewheel sprocket on the motors threads with some sort of built in clutch, when the motor is engaged it wont spin but the wheel will and when the pedals are pulled the sprocket and the whole wheel rotates regardless of if the motor is pulling too (less drag also). the motor has a thread over it so i figure i can put a disc brake there between two nuts and it will be secure. i plan to remove the pedals completly. im considering 90cc-125cc 4 spd engine with auto tranny and both electric cdi /kickstart. any ideas comments welcome links too please