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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by brydonb, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. brydonb

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    K Im having wicked problems with the chain rubbing on my frame... I do not understand any of the posts about this situation... I do not have any more room to put the sprocket more to the inside... Did I just get the wrong kinda frame? Im scared that the back of the bike is gonna fall off on me while im riding?

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  2. stude13

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    call 911, get off that thing. how long did it take to get this way?
  3. s_beaudry

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    That frame post is almost nearly eaten thru....

    DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT ride this bike!
  4. brydonb

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    well... it took about 2 months... i didnt really notice it until a week ago... can I weld a piece of metal on the outside of the part of the frame that is being chewed away?
  5. srdavo

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    can you post a pic showing the wheel, sprocket & frame?
  6. brydonb

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    yes.. yes I can lol

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  7. Man, happy time is about to end.
  8. biketec

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    WOW like he said DO NOT RIDE! That frame wont work sorry man .... and no you cant weld it unless know how to weld aluminum tig or spool just get a new bike preferably one that doesn't bow in like that..... aluminum is nice but its no steel maybe you could take that bike apart and take it to the recycle center and get some coin for the aluminum "clean" and go find a sweet bike on craigslist or a garage sale just an idea man.
  9. Thats a shame, it looks like you might have been able to put a bushing on the rear axel that would have moved the frame out enough that it wouldnt rub looks like there is enough thread on both sides.....
  10. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    ok.... my two cents

    yup...this frame is toast!!
    I am sure glad you noticed your frame, this way and not at 30 mph!!

    on all my builds..... I put both rubber circles inside the spokes. the inside of my sprockets go all the way on the hub...up against the spokes. I have never had a problem, mounting my sprockets this way. this will move your chain in...closer to your wheel, to give you more clearance.

    also....if your rear sprocket has off-set teeth....you can flip-flop it for clearance for the stays, or the tire....but alignment to the engine is most important.

    and....all my HT's came with narrower front sprockets & use standard, single speed, bicycle chain.
  11. BoltsMissing

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    Mate, that bike, it's history.

    The pics show a re-built rear wheel with new axle, bearings etc that was included in the axle kit
    Testing at the moment but seems ok, rides well.

    I thought I post this to show some idea cos you do have a dangerous situation there, but the actual question on bicycle thread would have been,
    is that spacer and axle fitted correctly the way it is ?

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  12. pedalpower

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    I've gotten pretty good at mentally visualizing the process of building my MB-imagining in my head what will work and what won't. I've got a pretty good image/slideshow/mpeg4 whatever in my head what is going to happen if you continue to ride this frame.

    you'll be cruising along on the shoulder and you'll hit a small bump, manhole cover or something and the seatstay will snap, you will feel a sag in your left butt cheek but that won't last long because the tire will be driven into the right chainstay and the bike will stop, but you won't...

    I don't mind dying on my bike-but man, I don't want it to be the one with the motor on it.

    find new frame. Steel, steel, steel. 80s hybrid/mountain bikes, CraigsList, garage sales, thrift stores,

    looks like frames with slanting toptubes have the seatstays with angles that may make it hard to clear the chain. back to the drawingboard. and buy a lotto ticket.

  13. relaxxx

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    With my new frame I did need to force the frame apart a bit more than stock by using an extra nut and washer on the rear axle bolt. Added about a third of an inch more room so my chain doesn't even come close.

    Also, a chain tensioner in the right place does a good job keeping the chain away from the thicker part of the frame. In this case it needed to be mounted on the top side somehow.
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  14. brydonb

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    well I thank everyone for their input here... the engine is already off the bike and I am not riding it anymore... I guess ill have to go back to the old drawing board, at least there is lots of garage sales around where I live... ill be posting pics of the new frame I pick up as soon as I get it and ask you guys if it'll work seeing that I thought my old frame would work lol. THANX

  15. relaxxx

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    If I were you I'd order myself a 34 tooth sprocket and a chain tensioner while I wait to find a frame. Smaller gear = more room. Plus you get extra mileage, speed...