i had a head injury cant get licence want to know the best way to achieve my own moto

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    Hi everyone can you please help me I do not whatthe best way to go about getting a motorized bike isI can not legally get a licsence in mass due a seizure disorder brought on by a head injury 10 years ago when i was 20 I do not know anyone who owns or knows about motorized bikeI was hoping someone to give me advice on how to get cameras bike after best pricethat will last meshould I go ron craigslist should I buy a bike motor kitI don't knowI live in massachusetts and i beleive the law is that it just has to be a 50 c_c bike engine and you need to wear a helmet other than thatmy ears are open 2 ne suggestions or help you could provide please thank you in advance for anyone who can help

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    Hi, I would suggest a trike of some form, there are nice trike kits at staton inc.If you're a do it yourself'er, or know of someone who can do the welding for you the plans at atomiczombie are awesome when it comes to trikes/bikes, there are also free plans all over the net, the one trike that really intrigued me was a python.Good luck.
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    Welcome to the forum. Bike with training type wheels might work. They have setups now that look cool as heck, not nerdy like the old days. Can you ride a bicycle without balance issues?
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    In my opinion, if the governing authority will not allow you the privilege of operating an automobile, it's probably best for your safety (as well as the safety of others) to stay off of any kind of motorized vehicle, including a motorized bicycle.

    I hate saying this, knowing full well the pathetic state of public transit in the US, but I think its necessary.
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    If you have a seizure disorder, and it isn't controlled to the degree that the Doctor's will authorize a return of drivers licence privileges .. then it is no different for a motorized bicycle. You will be putting yourself, and others, at unnecessary risk.
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    I won't presume to know how serious your seizure condition is. It would be wise to get a doctors clearance before you invest money into a bike. I agree with the idea of a trike or training wheels, if there is a balance problem. You are the one who has to consider your safety, as well as the safety of others. For reliability a 4 stroke would be best. 2 strokes require a lot of attention. Again your safety and the safety of others should be your first concern.
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    a "kill switch" attached to your wrist would be good for if/when you seize while riding would be a good safe guard. i am all for you having the right transportation.