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  1. gothicguy64

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    yes i have my 50cc motor rse yes its worked yes it has ceramic topped piston yes i make more than 200 watts ...
    no my 20.5 inch bike wont fit
    i jb weld 10 mm ext on fuel tank allthread
    my down tube is 52 mm another clamp prob
    seattube is 27 mm an ideal

    thats my prob my down tube its close to 2 inch
    or 52mm
    what to do ?
    i intend to fit a sbp exhaust /jackshaft
    brad :bowdown:

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    I would like to recommend the "Shift" button, the "," button and the "." button. Easy reading makes better friends.
  3. AussieSteve

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    Yeah, I'm having trouble understanding the problem too.

    My down tube is 2" like your's Brad and as you know, I have a shift kit fitted and it all went together well. Also, my frame is 51cm, if anything it's smaller than your's. (You do need to fit a custom front engine mount, but aside from that, mine fitted like a dream.)

    Don't follow the 'i jb weld 10 mm ext on fuel tank allthread' bit either. Why?

    Can you post a pic showing the exact problem, or be a little more specific.
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  4. gothicguy64

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    so my 52 mm downtube is no prob steve ?
    just waitin of sbp ...lol

    only leaves making fuel tank mount extentsions of a ext 10 mm of 5 mm all thread an jb welb it to std thread an then fit brackets ..
  5. AussieSteve

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    Nope, I don't think you have any worries there. (Check out the pics in my album here :- My Rides. My bike is almost the same as your's, by the sound of it. I just measured my seat tube - 27mm - same as your's too.)

    Pity we don't live nearer to each other. I'm having a similar problem with Nigel, (will_start), in Wollongong. He needs a hand, but it's hard to get our heads together. (He has a clutch-related problem.)

    Do check out the pics of my setup, they might help, and yell out if there's anything else I can do.
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  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    :idea:A better choice for extensions would be metric coupler nuts. Then, cut the heads off of metric bolts. Use that instead of allthread.

  7. AussieSteve

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    Tank Mount Brackets

    Brad, how come you need to extend the fuel-tank mounts?
    Did you shorten them to fit your previous frame?

    Can't you just make brackets to suit, as below?
    You might find ready-made ones at Bunnings or a large hardware store, in the plumbing section.

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  8. gothicguy64

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    my toptube is not round is has a peak on top so toptube is 50 mm .

    ill try huntin for 5mm joining nuts an 4 ,5mm bolts, heaven ...

    my fueltank only fits 40 mm toptube .