i need a 2-hole fuel-line grommet "yesterday"

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  1. augidog

    augidog New Member

    to fit this tank:

    can paypal an echeck or mail a postal MO.

    if anyone knows where i can find the grommet-only online, that would be cool, too.

    thanks in advance (i hope) :)

  2. loquin

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    augi -

    A quick search at Staton & I located this R/S part number for their fuel tank grommet


    Plano power equipment has 'em for $2.58 each... They list them as replacements for Honda GX31 & GX35 fuel tanks. (They also used to be listed in the R/S parts)

    M&D Mower has 'em, too, at the same price.

    Jack's Small Engines has 'em for a little less.

    You should be able to get them locally at lawn & garden/small engine dealers that handle honda or robbin/suburu motors.
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  3. augidog

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    EDIT again:

    no such thing as local-local for me but i think i have someone closeby who could maybe mail me that in a day or two...i need to have a look at quay's r/s' grommet to see if it'll work for us...

    t'anks, buddy ;)

    i'll letya know :)
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  4. loquin

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    It appears that the same P/N grommet is used for both Robbin-Suburu and Honda small motors. Identical P/N for the same functional part, (Honda's number began with "HON") which would imply that they both externally source the same part...

    In Plano's case, they list the identical part number for both. I didn't check that with M&D Mower, though.
  5. augidog

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    hey lou, thanks for the part number...the powershop i order from is just up the river & has them...couple days in an envelope, $3 plus postage. not a big deal if it won't do (we're dubious about it being big enuff for the hole in the pocketbike tank) but nothing wrong with having a spare for quay's engine anyway.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    How's This Idea!?

    Augi, I've never been a fan of rubber fuel grommets, especially if the grommet hole is below fuel level. I had that same problem on the goped 1.5 liter fuel tank, which had the grommet on the side of the tank. What I did was plug the original grommet hole with a round plastic patch and JB WELD. It worked like a charm and is perfectly leakproof.

    Then I simply drilled two holes atop the goped tank. The holes are a snug fit, but you can use a dab of silicone and a slightly loose fit for the fuel lines.

    Hope this helps someone.:idea:
  7. augidog

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    original 2-hole lost, only needed 1-hole until now...

    a recent carby-change dictates a 2-line tank & we made it more complicated than it needed to be.

    actually, 5-7', you did help...it helped us decide to leave the existing "grommet" alone (which ain't never leaked a bit, go figure, it's actually 3 layers: clear line inside auto fuel-line inside hydraulic hose which we notched around the outside for seal) and just drill a 2nd for a single-grommet we do have on hand...oh yeah, that's right, we have a drill

    K I S (because i am) S, thanks for the smack on the forehead :goofy:
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Brings Back Memories, LOL!

    I had a 96oz fuel tank similar to yours on my first Staton friction drive. The grommet failed and poured gas down my lower back.

    To cure the problem, I simply never filled above the grommet's fuel level.:idea:
  9. augidog

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    problem solved: