Im a little woried about cops

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    I live in PA and i want to ride my MB on some of the country roads but im a little concerned about gettin pulled over. I read all the laws and it seems like MBs arnt legal or illegal. I went past 4-5 cops and they did nothing. One did stop to look at the bike, but thats it. Could someone help me here. I want to know more about PA laws and just stories of members with cops reactions.

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    the worst a penn township cop would do is tell you to push it home or stay out of traffic... proof of that is being caught riding an unregistered motorcycle on the streets of my neighborhood (remember im only 14) and only being asked to not ride after dark. pretty nice. if you tell the police that its under 50cc, there should be no questioning going on.
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    That information actually upsets me, that means i cant legally ride an MB on the streets.... I have no drivers license
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    One quick posted here that you were new to this:
    Now you give advice as an expert.......just want to ask, What is the real deal?
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    i only posted there because i wanted access to the whole forum... I have personally dealt with the local (to myself and bigtrucker2007) police and am just stating my experience with them.


    Hey Trucker. I'm in Saltsburg.
    I can tell you that the bike is legal ( as long as it's under 50cc :whistling: , under 25mph and still has pedals ) but you DO have to be 16.
    If your town is anything like mine, as long as you don't act like a fool and obey traffic laws I don't see where you would have any problems.
    I have been stopped by more than one officer ( not with lights and sirens! )
    but it was just so they could look at it and ask a ton of questions.
    I also ride in town at night but have headlight, taillight and all required reflectors.
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    I guess wehere ever you are its seems to be up to the officer weather or not he wants to stop you and site you for what ever regardless of the law