I'm done!! Got a question about break in.

I'm finally finished with the installation. It wasn't a perfect process. I broke the air filter cover and had to bevel all of the teeth on the rear sprocket to prevent the chain from wanting to pop off. I had to do a little "Ohio" engineering on the exhaust too. The original muffler didn't fit and I wasn't able to bend the tube so I went to the hardware store and picked up an iron 1/2 inch 45 degree pipe fitting, ground off the threads, inserted it into the pipe and secured it with a couple screws that I drilled in the sides. Used some exhaust pipe sealer that I got from the auto parts store. All in all the muffler stuff only ran about 7 bucks.
My question to all of you who know these engines well is about the break in performance. I've followed the directions as best as I could. I am using 20:1 ratio oil and am keeping the speed down. It seems to run fine but I can tell that The engine is only firing every other cycle. I'm sure that it's because of how rich the fuel is. I'm concerned that the engine performance won't improve after I go to a 32:1 ratio with a good synthetic. The spark plug is black from all of the oil. Any thoughts on the matter? Am I doing the right things? Here's a picture of the bike at the moment. I ordered a set of BICYGNALS turning signal lights. Those should look nice on my new ride.


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Might want to consider moving the tensioner to the lower bracket.

Where you have it not, you're wearing it whenever the motor is pushing the bike.

If it's on the lower bracket, it's only really under tension when you're bump-starting the bike or decellerating. Rest of the time it just helps the chain find its way back to the motor.

As far as 4-cycling goes, there should be some point where it doesn't do it... full throttle or part, fast or slow... sometime. If it never clears up you need to tune the carby.
You might try moving the clip on the needle 1 slot then test ride it and see if there is a difference. Your plug will get black because right now you are running at 20:1 but you need the extra oil for the breakin. A new high quality plug such as a NGK or Champion is also a good investment, as is a Quality plug wire and cap. You can usually get them at auto parts stores individually as a Coil wire...