Improved finer adjustment for flower nut

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mountain80, Oct 7, 2008.

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    So after porting, matching and upping the compression on my HT I found that it liked to slip the clutch at the first start of the day. If I adjusted it one space(1/6 of a turn) tighter it would then want to grab the clutch with the clutch lockout pin on the lever engaged as well as heat up the clutch and then the idle would drop. My solution was to drill and tap a second hole for the lock screw that was offset by 1/2 of a space(or 1/12 of a turn. You now can move the clutch in 0.0033'' increments instead of 0.0066'' increments. (1 mm pitch = aprox 0.040'' x1/12 of a turn). Enjoy!!

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    Good idea. My clutch doesn't seem to be quite that picky - 1/6 of a turn does make a difference don't get me wrong, but not hugely....especially after break in. When new the clutch was really sticky picky.