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    My name is James, I live in Essex ma. I recently acquired a whizzer bicycle
    I have no idea what year it is. The #on the motor is H-132851 I think it's a 1951,but not sure.If any one out there can tell me what year it is that would be much appreciated. I put together my own harley from the frame up. So i have a passion for old antiques trucks,bikes,cars. I just love old stuff. I hope somebody out there can help me.I'm anxious to get this whizzer going.It's pretty much all there.I'll try to post a pic of it.I'm a carpenter and have been a auto mechanic for 30 years so i have enough knowledge to get this baby going. I'll be the only one in my town to have a whizzer. So thanks for your support.Hope to hear from someone soon.HAVE A NICE DAY. PEACE

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    Welcome, James. You might be the only one in town with a Whizzer, but I'm sure there are others with motor bikes. If not, you should start a "movement." I know that I was the only one at the north end of town, or the county for that matter, that was riding a motored bike...and that is a "Delta Trike." I love it, all the neighbors love it. all of the shopping center people like it, the local Sheriff's office likes it...They even have the local kids over so I can demonstrate it for them (and how to ride it safely.) I do zig-zags between traffic cones, and speed up toward the Sgt. and stop on a chalk line 'on a dime' in front of him, and several other things to make the kids 'OOH', 'AAH', and 'SQUEAL.'
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    Welcome James,
    Done with my first build, I'm looking to build something like a Whizzer, the look is so appealing. If you ever get to SE CT with your bike look me up. I'll be waiting to see some pics.

    Bob C.