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    Hi. I am a new member. I do not fully know what is expected of me here. But here goes. I am a 54 year old man that has been riding a bicycle for all of my life. I have not had a car in over ten years. I live in New England and ride my bike through the winter. I am getting to the point that I am getting old and maybe a little bit lazy. Therefor I have decided to upgrade to a motorized bike. I discovered this site and thought, Hey a lot of information. So I joined. I hope that I can learn and share my experiences with others. Other than that I really am at a loss of words. So I wish everyone else a hearty Hello.

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    Hi Zinger, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Anyone who rides a bike all winter in the north isn't lazy.
    How do you do it? studded tires?
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    Studded Tires?

    Hi Professor. No. No studded tires. At the speed a bicycle will go and the width of the tires not really possible to hydroplane. As far as the ice goes, a keen eye and wise course of travel is my onle hope there. Other than a few peed off drivers not that bad. I have not looked at all the threads here yet but that is one subject that I am interested in. Because I know that a motorized bike will acheive greater speeds, at what point will hydroplaning begin. Thanks for the response. Zingeroust.
  4. Hello and welcome.

    Because the tires are quite narrow and, even with a legal sized engine, speeds are not all that high, hydroplaning is very very unlikely, perhaps impossible. There are some threads here that argue the impossibility of hydroplaning and site evidence to support that arguement. You can find them using the search feature and enter the word hydroplaning. There is also a section headed "tires" that covers the subject.