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    Hi ye going,
    new be here just starting ridding 48 cc engine for last two months for work, 30 km per day here in The west of Ireland.
    few looks offf the gardai but not stopped , Bike going well now but had a few he cups along way, usually cruising at 30 kkm/ph....
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  2. professor

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    Hi Liamo, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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  3. zippinaround

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    hi liamo i bought my bike with a 66cc happy time in galway! living in donegal. welcome to the forum! plenty of helpful people here and lots of useful info!
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    Welcome to the forum. I visited Galway a few years back, but I think I stayed in Oranmore. I didn't find my roots but found some great pubs.
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    Met my ex-wife at The Quays back in 1996. She's back in her native Australia and I'm back in in my native Connecticut! Glad to hear that the Guardai are lenient; although I live in Connecticut, where MBs are legal, I spend a good amount of time in New York, where it's not. NY Cops have been very cool about it over the past year; no problems at all. My family has some land up near the Mayo/Roscommon boarder; I visit like once a decade and am due for another. I was considering having a MB on my next visit and was curious about their legality.
  6. zippinaround

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    as far as i know from trying to find out myself its the fact that the motor can only assist that makes them legal i.e. you can't be able to take off from a standstill and it can't have a pullstart or electric start, and it should be under 50cc and unable to exceed 20 something mph on a flat i think its 27 but not certain!
  7. zippinaround

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    i'm not telling you these are the actual laws as i don't actually know and have never been stopped on it yet (touch wood) although one day i was going WOT around a corner only to see a squad car coming towards me, i just cut the engine and pedalled on , if i wasn't banned from driving i would have kept going flat out!
  8. LR Jerry

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    Now you can quickly get from one pub to the next one. LOL
  9. liamo79

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    Ive not been on here in a while but have been using bike daily. cruising along at 33 km/h flying up hills, and nearly afraid to say it no problems for the last six months, compared to first six what a difference, I just installed a new rechargeable light, wow what a difference, I will be communting to work on unlit roads , so with new light, oncoming cars dip lights from a far distance, I cant rate this light but can say 5 stars,

    Goosewhite 20W LED bike light with rechargeable battery

    1 of: Goosewhite 20W LED bike light with rechargeable battery
    Sold by: MobiCity UK Limited (seller profile) found it on amazon.
    Ive posted new photos in my album, any comments suggestions ??
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    Wow welcome.