Is the 36 tooth sprocket really worth it?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by S.PadreSurfer, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. S.PadreSurfer

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    Hey everyone. i have the dax 50cc china engine with the stock 44t sprocket, and i was looking at their 36t for $29.99.

    And i was wondering.... Is it really worth it?

    Where i live there aren't any hills i would need to climb or anything, and i would like to be able to cruise a little faster without so many rpms and fuel consumption.

    How many more mph's will i get?


  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    jpilot's Gear Ratio Calculator
    and you can figure it out for yourself

    Use the gear teeth count of 20 and 82 for the 2 stroke which = 4.1 to 1
    that is for the internal gears under the clutch cover

    At 6500 rpm on a 26" wheel you will get about 6 mph more
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  3. S.PadreSurfer

    S.PadreSurfer Member

    sorry, as you can see, im new to this.... what exactly goes where in this calculator?
    please bear with me... lol
  4. In a word...yes. Your terrain and objectives are perfectly suited to a smaller sprocket. It also depends on what size you currently have. If you are going from a 48 down to a 36 you will notice a huge difference.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Did you click the Help Button at the bottom of the calculator?

  6. Simon_A

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    In a word yes.

    Just to have the extra speed on hand if needed and have the engine running less hard at cruising speeds.

    But it depends on your area too. Where I live there isnt anything close to hills.
  7. gasbikekits

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    each tooth is about 1 mph... meaning if you swap a 44 tooth out for a 34 it will go about 10 mph faster! I'd say thats worth the 25 bucks, no?
  8. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Thats true. I went from a 48 to a 36 and WOW what a difference. I then went from a 36 to a 34, and I can still notice the slight difference.
  9. Simon_A

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    Oh only thing is, you cant ride too slowly with the taller rear sprocket, but thats fine by me, if I have to go slowly, I use leg power anyway.
  10. S.PadreSurfer

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    thanks everyone. I'm going to purchase the sprocket.

    Do you think dax is the best place to get it from?
  11. S.PadreSurfer

    S.PadreSurfer Member

    oh, and dax sells the 36t for $29.99
    a 36t for disc brake AND STANDARD INSTALL for $18.99
    can I use the disc brake one even if i dont have disc brakes??
    its almost half the price..
  12. CPC

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    does dax have a website? addy plz
  13. MotorBicycleRacing

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  14. CPC

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    thx forbisher!
  15. duivendyk

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    If you happen to live in a windy area it's advisable not to overdo the gearing.At over 20mph the aerodynamic drag tops the rolling drag by far,with a 10mph headwind for instance you could lose more than 10miles on the top,since you're likely to run out of torque.
  16. Revorunner

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    +1 on that.:grin5:
  17. S.PadreSurfer

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    Wow, thanks. I had never thought about that. where i live it does get pretty windy pretty often..
  18. CPC

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    Im not so sure about your numbers! From what you are saying, take for example the other day here we had steady 35+ Mph winds with 60 Mph gusts, I wound not be moving forward at all, but in fact using your logic, I would be moving in reverse, tire smoking trying to go have no sound logic....please provide some proven proof on your point.
  19. i like my 44T sprocket
    28+mph on the flats
    and up the hills like a rocket
  20. mtd91

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    I have 26 inch tires and the 66cc chinese 2 stroke with a 44 tooth rear sprocket and at 20 mph it sounds like it is reving pretty high yet at anything lower then 15mph it lugs.Am I being peranoid and probly should just push it faster or what? Everyone says theres does like 30mph and i want mine to but i am worried i am gunna blow it. Oh i cant figure out that speed calculator but oh well i have a speedo anyway.