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    Hi fellow motor bikers, My name is John Averick of Mad MAverick's motorbikes I live in the Police state of FL. . Where you have to have a drivers license to legally ride a motorbike. Yes, even if it has 50cc's or under. And it better be 50 or under otherwise it's considered a motor vehicle,and we all know what that intales !:ack2: . Anyway, I build motorbikes because I love the light 2 wheeled thing. Kinda links me to the past. Before the model T. When most common folk road motorbikes because it was the most cost effective way to get around. Till ole Henry came out with a car (model T) that was as cheap as a good motorcycle/motorbike. Motorbikes are almost as light as a bicycle,very flickable, fairly cheap to costomize and modify.:grin5: I tend to like belt drive systems. But have built more than one with chains. I am currently working on a HF 79cc aluminum Mongoose full suspension rack mount. And attempting to go muti ratio. Well, at least 3 forward ratios. I thought of the sickbikeparts design 11 years ago. Boy ! I sure wish I would have done something with it. I had an AUTOBIKE, it was the only bike I had seen to date with a front freewheel. Thats what gave me the Idea that Sickbikeparts later ran with. Wished I had :dunce:. Sounds like this is a nice bunch of Folks so if you will have me I will try to contribute something here. :D

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I too build v-belt driven bikes & really like their simplicity.
    I've got 2 MB's currently & planning out my 3rd. Got a 35cc 4 stroke & a 97cc 4 stroke.
    Using the 79cc HF may be a problem in your State based on your opening line?
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    Don't want to talk about (the law thing)

    I hear Staton or station ? has a $259 Nuvinci jackshaft setup. That is cheap for a nuvinci,even if it was just the hub. I can't find their web address. I might go into hawk to get my paws on one of those ! I hear they are darn near indestructable too, and darn near 0 maintenence too. I wish I could find a thread with that darn address.:confused:
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    Thank you very much. I lost track of it.
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    Sure ?

    Are you sure thats the right one Goat ? I went there and all I saw that had much to do with bicycles was bike computers link and such. Not much else.:confused:
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