Jerry-Rigged Kill Switch

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Leroybrown420, Jun 27, 2015.

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    It amazes me how many MB do not have a working kill switch or are still shorting wires to ground when any switch will work. A jerry-rig kill switch is still better than nothing IMO. A switch rigged for a friend on his new CL bike.

    PART_1435448493442_0627151641.jpg PART_1435448557928_0627151642.jpg PART_1435453583817_0627151756.jpg

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    For, me the kill switch is a tool to keep bozos from starting motor or bike etc.

    The simple grounding button works fine, but helps with a separate ground circuit added using typical barrel elec connections. I have my unite under seat on seat post for easy reach...

    Just run pigtail or extra wire that is grounded to bike and connect motor wire to it.

    All the button does on a switch is connect the engine wire to ground, so adding the ground makes running the engine while you are having a beer or shopping impossible...just remember what is what when restarting bike.

    I may have pic of set up from years back not remember and am not gonna try to find.
  3. KCvale

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    Clever Leroy.
    Though I like having a momentary kill button on the throttle, I also like putting a theft deterrent/kill switch in too.
    The switches I use however need a key.


    They can still pedal it away, but they can't make it start, and the way I epoxy it, they can't defeat it as breaking that key box will take the CDI wires with it.
    And even just replacing that has a surprise....
    The are no common connections for a new CDI.

    I replace the wiring from the magneto and it uses different colors ;-}
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    pretty nice.

    what do you think about building a similar CDI enclosure & concealing a GPS tracking unit in there? that's a security enhancement I'm meaning to work on for my own ride. if I come up w/ a good way to do it using affordable components I think there's gotta be a market for that too...
  6. KCvale

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    Well, to put something in a bike you can track it has to be sending out like a cell phone and thus a monthly service charge, and it's going too need a power supply.
    Not worth it for an MB unless it's stolen in first several months I think.