jest getting started wateing for motor 48 cc gerbee to put on schwinn drifter cruis

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  1. jimhandy

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    any help will be great ty hope to make new frinds in the motor bike world

  2. PatrickW

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    A new Gergee, huh? I think you are waiting for a Grubee..A Gerbee is some sort of baby food in a jar. [Sorry bout that, just couldn't help it.] Anyway a grubee 2-stroke is a reliable engine from what I hear. When you get it, move over to our 2-stroke forum area. I am sure you will find a lot of help there...K? Search questions, then read, and read more. Then it is time to ask questions. First you learn from us, then we learn from you...okay?

    I would say that close to a majority o,f our members run on 2-strokes. I
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  3. jimhandy

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    first build schwinn drifter chicago

    wow what a lot of work to fit this bike togather. but its fun. first ride today took it easy as i broke my toe last week but that gave me time for this build . lots of triming fenders chain gards makeing motor mounts but reading all your post got me trough it thanks ill be posting pics soon jim handy in chicago
  4. jimhandy

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    im in aroura naper area