jrmotorsbikes.com bunch of clowns...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by battery, May 2, 2015.

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    Save yourself a ton of hassle and don't buy from these clowns. I bought a gas tank and rack off of them last November. It showed up two months later dented and missing parts. I called txted emailed them to send me the missing parts and when I could get a hold of them they jerked me around for many months! Telling me we sent it or some other line. Word to the wise. Keep away.

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    I'll make sure to stay away haha
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    Noted. Avoiding them. I got my kit from BicycleEngines.com. They may not sell racks but they pretty much have everything else and at reasonable prices. Their shipping is pretty fast for ground and customer support email is great. They don't have very much in special pars (rear racks and such) but they have great kits and all the parts for them.

    Thanks for this heads up. I hate places with horrible service, we all do. Also gas tanks are rarely in perfect condition when they arrive but missing parts and extremely late shipping is where I would draw the line. My gas tank that came with my kit had all the parts but had a small barley noticeable ding at the top and a small hardly noticeable scratch on the underside. As long as a tank looks good and has no leaks I'm fine with it even if it has a few minor dents or scratches as long as it isn't noticeable.
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    Luckily I did not need it after all. I ride a 29er the tank and rack will only fit a 24" - 26" bike. I will sell it at a reduced price on ebay.