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I read through various installation guides but none really seem that clear to a layman without the jargon. the wiring to the cdi is clear join:
blue to blue
black to black
The kill switch part is confusing (at least to me). There is 2 black wires from the button on the handle bar. from readingf a lot of installation instructions it seem scetchy. one connect to the blue, but where do you affix the other wire to?:confused: is it the white wire?:confused: what does it mean by ground?:confused:
I believe that with a 2 wire kill switch, 1 wire goes to the blue/green connection and other gets grounded to frame
the dax install gives me the impression that the other wire on the kill switch connect to the white wire.

"STEP 9- Mount your Coil. Tip...Use 2 high
quality zip ties . Go up and over and around
the coil and zip tie it to the frame. Loop one zip
tie up and over and also through the holes
that would normally have the screws going
through them. This is a better method than
using the screws that come with the kit. You
will have a more solid mount and not break
the coil. It is not hard the break the coil ears
off using the screws...Wire Connections...Blue
to Blue and Black To Black. Also..Tie Kill
Switch to the Blue wire. The White Wire is
Generator and has a Max Output of .5 A 7.5V.
Anything that draws more Current connected
to the white wire will kill the motor.
Also..If you
have a coil with the green wire instead of the
blue, then go Blue to green"
hi Highrider
Here's what I found to work on the 2 bikes I built. use the white wire as the hot wire to yout lights only. The other 2 wires from the engine will go to the coil try to match up the colors from the coil to engine. The kill switch I have has 2 wires comming out of it these go to the wires on the coil wire 1 on each wire from the coil just like the engine. So If you have 1 black wire from the engine,1black wire from the coil, and 1black wire from the kill switch these 3 wires all get tied together. Then do the same thing with the other 3wires. To check if it works pull the sparkplug out of the engine and get it to lay on the head so you can see the sparkplug electrodes spin the engine with the back tire and see of you have spark which you should have then push in and hold the kill switch and there should be no spark. If this works put in the plug and go for it. Be sure and gap the plug for the proper gap .025 will work.
hope this helps.
I see, so is it safe to summerise that one goes to the frame? I did a simple diagram to show illustrate (correct me if I am wrong). their are 3 wires sticking out of the engine (blue, black and white), the cdi has 2 wires (blue and black) and the kill switch has 2 (both black). The white shouldnt be used for the kill switch and the other black attached to the frame?


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ZBox site says they should be attached one to the white wire and nothing about the other wire. Does it really matters?


1. Fit twist grip throttle to right side of handlebar. On some bike handle bars it may be necessary to ream out the handle ID to fit the bar so that the throttle will twist freely.
2. Join one kill switch wire to white wire from magneto and earth the remaining kill switch wire. This will ground ignition and stop the engine when the red button on the kill switch is activated.
3. Keep all wires away from heat of engine exhaust. Secure wires with a plastic ties.
4. Attach the carburetor to the engine intake tube and tighten clamp screw. Mount carburetor as level as possible and attach throttle cable."
wireing kill swich

anyone please help
my kill switch has 2 wires one black with a metal ring at the end of it and one red spliced I know the red one goes to the blue from the engine but were does the black go to the black wire from the engine or do I ground that wire to the frame? please help looked around the site but know one seems to have the same black wire with that ring on the end of it if the black wire goes to black from the engine why did they but that ring on the end.
it is to ground the switch
the eye is so you can tighten it to a screw or bolt
I put mine to the lever mounting bolt
(then it shorted and shocked the carp outta me :censored:)

ps I know this is your first post, but it is always better to post in a similar thread and bump that thread up the list
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So what part of the frame should a put it any were that is away from my hands?
thanks for the help
What I did was..

For the Dual Wire kill , I put one wire up in the Black, and one up in the blue. That will crow bar the black and the blue together and kills spark. I stripped enough back so I could shove them up into the barrel connectors. So..When you mash the connectors together, mash your wires up inside of them. Makes a good tight connection too. Enjoy the ride..
ok I get that so what about what I said is that about right ground wire on frame any were away from my hands