Kit or no?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Quinnmca, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Quinnmca

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    Hey guys and gals im new to the motorized bikes and have a budget of under $200 (for engine) i was wondering if i should go with a kit or shoould buy some kind of other good quality kit or any other ideas you guys have thx.

  2. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    Go ahead and buy your kit. You gotta start somewhere. Read thru the archives here. All the info you can ever need is here!
  3. Quinnmca

    Quinnmca New Member

    Thanks man im trying to learn small engines more advanced and it seems like a good start!
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  4. Hello Moto!

    Hello Moto! Active Member

    I bought a motor off eBay for $116. It's cheap and has problems. My advice would be to get a natural colored or silver colored engine, not a black one like I did. The black color on my engine makes it difficult to spot any leaks you might have or get. Right now I have a minor leak originating somewhere above the exhaust port and below the head seal. I'm suspecting I may have a factory defect like a hairline crack or tiny hole in the cylinder case wall but the black finish makes it impossible to see! Just some advice from my current experience lol. As far a kits from bikeberry, they should be fine. They won't be any worse than other kits anyways. I just purchased another cheapo engine kit from I'm hoping for the best.
  5. David Bogle

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    Simple fix, buy a can of high temp paint, silver, white , whatever, find the leak
    Repaint after the fix..
  6. Hello Moto!

    Hello Moto! Active Member

    Yeah David I'm 99% sure There is a tiny hole or something in the cylinder wall. I have resurfaced the head on glass to 100% flat and also replaced the head gasket and still get a small amount of leakage. I'm in the process right now of getting a new cylinder from the seller I bought the engine kit from on eBay. They have been pretty easy to work with. It's weird but the leak is between the fins below the seal and above the exhaust port so I know it's not from either of those. I have made sure of this. There was another member who mentioned this same problem when I was browsing the old threads.

    The replacement will be silver in color and I wont repaint it black until I am sure there is no leaking after I run it for a while. All my engine components are black and I don't really want to repaint them all to a lighter color lol.

    Quinnmca. The engine kit I got off gasbike for $119 is pretty decent quality. It's actually a little bit better than the one I got of eBay. It's the silver slant 66cc. Just thought I'd add that as I don't really have any complaints about it.
  7. 45u

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    I have a $109 shipped kit I got off eBay and it now has well over a gallon in it. Only problem I had was a stator go bad.