"Lady Firebelly"

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  1. A friend handed me this frame and fork and said: "It's French, good luck!". So I brought it home thinkin' it's a beautiful frame in great shape for being my age. My wife took one look at it and said: "Is that my bike that you are planning to build?" Uhmm, well, uhh, yes, that's right, I brought it home for you. Notice she even got my favorite seat! I procured a '70's brown brooks saddle for her but she liked the black one more. I like the brown one, and anyway, I'm much happier when Lady Firebelly is happy

    It's '70's Motobecane Nomad w/ 27" wheels.

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    Very good man;clean & with low rolling resistance.............should keep "her indoors" happy. :grin5:

    BTW....nice bracket for the chain idler.
  3. ENO

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    Test Tick You Lar

    Whoa..Firebelly..Are you tryin to injure the wife..Whats that crossbar doing there (mens bike)..It looks great though..Lets hope the pedals dont get slippery if youre standing up pedalling..a real nutcracker of a ride..ENO
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  4. Thanks Fet! Eno, of course, everybody knows ladies ride sidesaddle! Otherwise their dresses would get caught up in the machinery.
  5. pooja84

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    Very decent. It would be real fun riding it.
  6. I love my roadbikes; whole different feel. This one doesn't vibrate as bad as the Nishiki "RatRace".
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    thats a beauty!! love it!! i can see the chain tensioner i need!
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    I've used a HT kit on a road bike (w/ flat bars) and I did not like the braking power. The single pivot side pull brakes totally zucked. Especially when the rear rim gets 2-stroke oil on it, you are basically relying on one brake. I would figure out a better brake situation. Other idea is to get some kool-stop brake pads. That will help quite a bit.

  9. I've had no problems w/ braking. Properly adjusted and shoed side pull brakes work fine. If you can skid the rear and flip over the front you have enough power; it's never more powerful braking I'm looking for ('cause I don't run coasters, ever) it's linear braking. Control! I run 32:1 f/o ratio and don't accumulate oil on my wheels. I do however use and like Kool-stops.