Left Threaded Hub?

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  1. Tressie

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    I've been hunting, without success, for a 36-spoke rear bicycle wheel hub with a left hand thread on the left side, suitable to accept a motor drive through a left threaded freewheel clutch.

    The right side could be for either a cassette cluster, or a right hand threaded spin-on cluster.

    Anyone see such a hub in their travels?

    T. :)

  2. SunkyWorks

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    Hi Tressie

    I am thinking that the following kits use left hand threads for the motor drive sprocket and RH threads for mounting the band brakes.


    Freewheel Sprocket & HD Axle Kit w/Brake
    Item: 4S-CDS-*FHDKIT
    Our price: $49.99


    HEAVY DUTY SEALED BEARING BAND BRAKE HUB, hub takes 12 gauge spokes.HD hub assembly with 202 sealed cartridge bearings.
    Hub parts as shown,non freewheeling sprocket for pedal start engines.$65.00


    http://www.evdeals.com/USPD Drive Parts.htm
    Currie USPD rear wheel hub

    Rear 32 Hole 14 gage Hub Left and right hand threads
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  3. Tressie

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    Hi SunkyWorks,

    Yep, the Currie USPD hub looks like it could do the job. Good find! I hope it can take a 12-guage spoke without much trouble.

    Tressie. :)
  4. LR Jerry

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    Get a Staton Inc hub. He makes them for motorized bicycles. It's exactly what you're looking for. I've got one on my bike.
  5. Tressie

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    Hi LRJ,

    Well, evdeals.com don't seem to be answering e-mails, so there are no details on the Currie hub.

    The Stanton hub comes in a 36-spoke version for 12-guage spokes, and it looks pretty robust. Not cheap, but then it could be worse. Hmm, have to think for a bit, and maybe see what having a left hand thread cut into a cheaper hub will cost.

    Thanks for the advice.

    T. :)
  6. SunkyWorks

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  7. Tressie

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    Hi SunkyWorks,

    Yep, these are exactly what I'm looking for, but unfortunately the vendor won't ship to my region. :-(

  8. LR Jerry

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    You're right the Staton hub isn't cheap. However you get what you're willing to pay for. If you call David Staton he'll personally get on the phone and answer your questions. I've got his hub on my bike and it works great. Well worth the money I spent.
  9. HeadSmess

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    "southpaw" hubs. pretty comon amongst the bmx freestyling crowd.

    the hubs are usually expensive, cus the alloy alone costs 20 dollars. and most of thats machined away, and theres at least 5 different procedures involved in making one... time equals money and limited market items command a high price :)

    any vendor that wont ship to somewhere when asked politely isnt worth vendoring from ;)