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    Hi everyone, I am dreaming about where I will be able to travel once my bike gets here, I get it put together, and work out all the kinks.

    What is the longest trip that you have taken?
    how long did it take to ride?
    how many people went with you?
    tips for traveling long distance?
    what were the environmental conditions like for the trip?

    What is the longest you have ridden your mb after engine break in was completed? what type of engine do you have? what is too long to ride? do you have a temp sensor on your engine? I think I am going to get a 20 dollar temp sensor with a lcd display for the handlebars, so I can keep an eye on engine temp.

    I hope to build a very solid and reliable bike that can cover some serious distance; as well as using it as a daily commuter to class, and a grocery getter. I also just found this awesome looking trailer that doubles as a grocery cart with 20" wheels in the back, and a multi directional coaster wheel in the front.

    I have been having a blast with maps.google.com making cool like 30 mile bike treks around the back roads of the Texas Hill Country. It is so beautiful here, I want to soak it in.

    I am all excited about being able to take some serious cruises. haha I want to be able to ride 170 miles to surprise my family. "Surprise, I rode here on a bicycle!" haha I think that would be funny... and a good excuse to see everyone.

    I know this is long and I am asking about a lot. Just chime in with your own experiences and stories. I would love to read them.

  2. Longest trip thus far is Duane's house. Map quest says 30 miles via highway but the route I took via bike trail I had to chain up the map quest by getting distance per section and it turns out taking the bike trail is actually longer than a straight shot thru the highway.
    It takes 42 miles that one way trip. Then 42 miles back.
    I ran out of gas just as I entered Duane's neighborhood. Then I added gas from my gas canteen.
    So it costed about a dollar and ten cents to get there one way and a dollar and ten cents to get back home.
    If I would have driven my truck it would have drank more than 20 dollars. My truck gets 15 mpg.

    My regular trips to Cherry Creek via bike trail is 26 miles one way. And I do this about 5 times a month.
    On the average I do about 20 miles a day give or take just doing chores paying bills going to the library downtown looking for that lake nobody fishes 5 days a week while the rest of the world works.

    The ride to cherry creek takes me about two hours. Duane's house add another hour.
    I always ride alone. No one can help me if I break down. everyone's at work.
    I count on my tool kit to keep me going.
    The only thing that would stop me cold is if my rim taco's.
    And I ride year round. Denver gets the bike paths cleaner than the streets at times in the winter.
    I just remembered. I rode to Boulder too. I don't believe it's as far as Duane's but it's extremely hilly.
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    Full suspension GEBE R/S 35. I made a one way trip of 113 miles a few months ago.
    I started off going to my local area's web site and finding the safest bike routes/trails
    for my trip. I searched ahead for quick pee breaks, dairy queen stop etc. I wanted to punish
    and test my little engine so I left my engine running the entire time (6.5 hr) so
    the stops had to be quick. I went through the drive through at the "queen". I brought
    drinking water, and approx 3/4 gallon of gas. In a few "off the traffic path" areas I
    put on a head set for some tunes.

    Things I would change... A big a$$ seat is a must. Front handlebar pouch for easy access to water and treats.
    Stop every 1.5 hrs to give your body a rest and a little engine cool down time .
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    Longest run on my bike was the last Adeliade MBc meet. 122.9Kms (76.4 miles).

    Time wise we did it in stages, leasurely pace over most of the day.

    We had 6 of us at one point. Mostly 5.

    Environmentally it rained like cats and dogs at first, then it was fine.
  5. Simon_A

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    Oh agreed. I has a schwinn spring seat. The one before that (a normal bike seat) would have been murder.
  6. s_beaudry

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    My longest ride thus far is only about 10 miles.

    I have to agree with one thing said earlier, buy the best seat you possibly can!!!!

    It will be money WELL SPENT when you ride long distance.
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    I haven't taken any long rides, but as a daily commuter, I can speak to seat comfort. No matter what seat you get. Get a suspension seat post. They make cheap BMX style seats comfy. Even if your running full suspension. Set it a little looser than the frame. Also get a seat that fits. My wife get one of those wide Bell seats at Wally. I borrowed it and it wasn't comfortable at all. It didn't fit my bony butt.
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    wow everybody, thanks for the replies! great info.
  9. Mountainman

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    doing an average at this time of around 4 to 5 hours a day -- at this time my MB is my therapy session - better than going to some doctor.. Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  10. VistaAnthony

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    Hi Low,
    VA in Austin, I have been riding to work (14 miles round trip) everyday since the day I put my MB together., almost 1 month now. I love my bike, I ride it every chance I get. I am plotting a trip to San Marco. I saw your Invite on the "Let's Ride Austin" thread, I am looking forward to that 40+ mile ride. My problem is I hate riding that far alone, maybe other Austinites will ride. MOUNTAINMAN is right on "at this time my MB is my therapy session"
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    Longest trip: ~145 miles round-trip in ~10 hours, including stops.

    I also have "seat issues".
    I used a cheaper $60 motorcycle bobber seat but it is not so good.... better than a smaller bicycle saddle would have been maybe, but far from perfect.

    I may eventually try to find something like an antique metal tractor seat. Not use a real antique probably, but get something like it.


    I have discovered that the fore-aft angle of the seat makes a HUGE difference in how comfortable it is. If you use a bicycle seat/seat-post then you get that adjustability anyway, but if you're using any other kind of seat you should make sure you can do it.
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    San Francisco to New York; Two months livin' on the road. My dad drove a small truck pulling a small pop up camper. Actual miles ridden- around 2,500. No speedometer, odometer, cyclometer, so that's a guess... Tried to ride from Tacoma, WA to Portland, IN last year but only managed a few hundred miles with lots of bike problems... Planning another west coast to east coast (The Horse 'Stampede' to the Smokeout rally) next summer if I can get the Whizzer done, broken in, and reliable.
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    What can I say other than, wow that is simply awesome! I hope you get your bike problems ironed out, so you can make the full on trip from cost to cost. That would be awesome! I would love to do that with a small group. pull trailers with the bikes, with camping gear, food, water, tools, and extra stuff like tubes.

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    waylow what state are you in?
  15. ozzyu812

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    Holy Feces!!

    Your a real WILD ONE!
  16. uncle_punk13

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    I'd like to do other countries in my time on this earth but I don't know if that will ever happen, so for now I'll continue to try to explore this America of ours... Bamabikeguy has me beat by a long shot. Search his posts- he's a wild man!!!:grin:
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    Four of us did most of the route from New Orleans to Miami a few years back. Was the first big trip for the Bike in the Pic here. We had a chase vehicle, RV, and one of us four would get stuck in it for a driving shift each day.

    I have been wondering what the elites in Austin would think about the MBC's, what has your response been so far? I could bring mine up there for a cruise this fall.
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    That would feel like cheatin' to me! LOL!
  19. pumpbuilder

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    It was nice to have, for carrying the snorkeling gear and such when we wanted to do stuff like that as well. Lots of cool parks on that route.
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    not far yet

    Yesterday I rode from 4'900' up Millcreek Canyon nonstop 3,000'+ climb in 12 miles to give the little 35cc Subaru Gebe a thorough test. Never missed a beat nor seemed to overheat, though I pedaled like a mad rat nearly the whole way. Then rode back down and into the valley to 4,200' then back to house for a total of 4'000 gain and 4k descent in about 40 miles. I'm really pleased with this little rig and ready to take a longer ride.