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    Ok so I have a 66cc motorized bike and I recently had an accident while riding, ( chain tensioner got inside the spokes ) and now some of the spokes are messed up, which makes the rear tire wobble a lot. Can anyone give me a website that sells the rear rim at a good price? Thx

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    First, deal with your tensioner issue. The stock tensioner mount is a decent piece of equipment and, if locked down properly, should be able to fight the forces placed on it by the chain. Wrench it up tight and use some blue threadlocker for insurance. You don't have to use the stock plastic roller. I grind down a thick steel clevis to fit the mount and use thick nylon washers as the chain surface, sandwiching them between two stainless 2" fender washers. There's no one way to do this.

    I have had good results with $35 steel wheels from my local bicycle shop. Just be sure to properly adjust the bearings and check for true before building up your rag joint. As the wheel is subject to incredible pressures of motorizing, there is going to be some distortion over time. I used to use wider tires, but quite by accident I found that a thick rubber 1.75" tire works very well. It actually stiffens the rear wheel and provides a better, smoother ride and the slimmer fit eliminates any chain slap from the drive chain. Consider the steel wheel to have a one year lifespan and you should be fine.
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    Did you crash and slam the rim into anything when this happened? If not just take the rear wheel down to your local bicycle shop, have them replace the damaged spokes and true it back up.

    If there's more then one shop in your area take the wheel to all of them and get estimates first, shop around, also you will normally save yourself a couple bucks by removing the tube and tire and rag joint first.

    Oh and you might want to hold back mentioning that your bike is motorized. Some bicycle shops are less than favorable to motored bikes.
  5. Bike shop here hate to know your motorized . I had the guy go on a long rant on I shouldn't do it . I just told him ,I didn't need his opinion cause I was gonna motorized regardless and his he was gonna sell me the part I needed or not . I didn't mean or come of as rude but he just got me made and seem to praise his 7000$ bike he had for sale and how they are better and how me made it seem that my build was gonna fail on me . ever since then I don't mention that my bike is motorized to any bike shop
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    Well while I was riding my chain tensioner somehow snapped and twisted inside the rear wheel, and it keep banging against the spokes and they got all messed up, Mabey I didn't have the tensioner tighten down far enough
  7. I would upgrade to a spring tentioner and put a self tapping screw thru the middle so it won't twist and bend
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    whenever I go into a lbs I tell them about my homebrew single speed mountain bike on a mongoose frame. I don't tell them that the 24 inch tires I'm buying don't match the 27.5 inch wheels that are on it