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  1. lewsidius

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    im looking for a way of moving my muffler further past my pedals in the back
    is there an accessory that will take any regular muffler and extend it to the back?

    there is also another Intake Manifold that takes the carb up and out to the side for those bikes that have little room to work with ????

  2. adrian101

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    Hi there lewsidius,

    They have a intake manifold called a offset intake which is perfect to what you want it for? Link to it below:

    Offset intake link:

    There isn't a accessory to the standard stock exhaust you get with the kits. If you wanted to extend it you would have to make up something of your own. Grind the existing exhaust, getting a long steal pipe, shaping it and welding it together.

    There are other pipes on the market like a street pipe(poo poo pipe) or a sick bike parts expansion chamber. If you would like a link to them let me know and ill post.

    Hope this helps.
  3. tomebaden

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    You can purchase long exhausts that will fit most HT motors. see "happyfeet330" on ebay he makes them, and also Livefastmotors has a long one. These are made for chopper bikes but I dont see why they might not work on other bikes too.
  4. motorpsycho

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    yes, you can make up your own long pipe but you woudl have to weld a flange to it to get it to bolt back onto the cylinder.
    You best. cheapest bet would be to buy a long pipe off e-bay.
    you can get a chromed long pipe with a chromed muffler for around $35.00.
    just bolt it on in place of the stock pipe.


    you can even modify the baffle in the muffler on this pipe to get more flow and more power. (i've done it and it worksd and sounds great)

    of corse, expansion chambers are the way to go and you will get more power. but they are more expensive.