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    I am super paranoid about theft of my bike. I have to be honest there. I have 3 methods to lock it currently. One chain with padlock, cable lock, and a U-Lock. I use an accelerometer based bike alarm, and a tarp to prevent curious eyes from seeing the bike. I am wondering if I should purchase more locks, because I live in Federal Way, WA, where there has been a lot of crime lately (including murders). I have 3 more locks in my amazon wishlist that I am considering purchasing. One of them has a built in tamper-proof alarm built inside of it. Am I too paranoid, or is it wise to purchase more protection?

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    There are different security levels for locks. A padlock and cable lock is usually a level 1 which means securing a seat post. Most U-locks are a level 5 and should come with hardened steel if yours is not harden steel then you might want to buy another type. I think a tarp would ironically gather more attention but that is just my opinion. A hardened steel padlock requires a grinder and the lock core are usually 4-5 pins on both sides. Meaning you need time tools and significant skill to pick them and something your average thug will not posses.

    Also, being in a crime area will pose a risk for your bike but in some affluent areas with really nice bikes, bike theft is even more of a concern. For example, a bike with a wire lock at an university will be gone overnight. I think you are fine with a hardened steel U-lock and a thick wire lock for the front tire and if you are nervous 2 U-Locks for the frame and front tire.

    Lastly, there is a correct way to use your U-lock such that it does not provide gravity leverage for a potential theft. Think - trying to saw a piece of wood where the wood is above you and wiggling like crazy. So, something like locking it at a certain angle. There are videos on YT about this. I suggest taking a look if you are curious. It does make sense to do this in high bike crime areas.
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    Thank you for your help!
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    there are also GPS trackers available. Using smartphone apps. Costly though.

    If someone really wants to steal your bike nothing will stop them. All the best locks & cables etc can be defeated in seconds by thieves with the right tools. Go look at the youtube videos.
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    the trackers are good because they can help you catch the thief and hopefully get him some jail time
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    Yes, do not lock you bike up with pad locks, combo locks, and cables; these can be easily cut and defeated. But, a U-lock requires a grinder and a skilled lock pick. If you place the U-bolt at such an angle that provides no mechanical/gravity advantage even the grinder becomes difficult (and it is loud). If a skilled enough lock pick thief can get around a 4-5 pin duo sides lock core typical on U-bolts then they can have my bike.
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    Recently saw the youtube vid where the security guy demonstrated how easy it was to steal high-end bikes equipped with several popular lock set-ups. He had a battery powered grinder to cut the U-lock. Took less than one minute, with 2 cuts. All the others were way less than 30 seconds.

    You can also read reviews on amazon where purchasers of the better lock systems still got robbed.

    For my setup, I'm thinking 2 good locks, (one U lock, one heavier chain/lock combo) and GPS. Also to use caution how, where, when and for how long to leave it locked up for. Maybe even a sonic lock/alarm. Agree that choosing angles and/or arrangements to make it more difficult is also very wise.

    I'm comfortable spending the extra $ for GPS to protect my investment, as well as for entertainment value if & when they get tracked down & caught (LOL).

    Seen at least 2 stolen/reward ads in local craiglist now for motored bikes. Thieves love 'em
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    Just park it inside. I do it. Yeah its annoying to bring it up the stairs everyday but small price to pay for not having it, plus, its an added work out