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    ever since i got my kit, everyone now wants one, i have 2 people lined up to have me build motorized bikes for them, and there paying pretty good, im charging each of them 200 dollars, which i think is reasonable, my question is, do you guys do this too? i mean this could be a huge profit for me, how good is the market for these kits? i still cant believe how many people wanted to buy my bike LOL, i do have a full time job, so having the time to assemble the kits is pretty slim, but i still offered to do it for them anyways as long as they supplied their own bike.

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    are they paying for the kit and then 200 in labor? If so that is more than decent. If not it is on the slim side of reasonable.
  3. Stan4d

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    I am in the process of selling my wally world build. Bike 80, kit 130 (when I bought it) total cost, 210. Selling it to a friend for 300......a stranger it would be at least 50 more.
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    don't sell your self short

    Installing these kits requires a lot of work(if done correctly) and first you have to make sure that the wally world bike is up to snuff to begin with. I would also make sure that the customer brings his bike back after about fifty miles because everything will get loose. that will help justify the price he has to pay for the install.

    What I used to do in my old bicycle shop was to offer free service for the first sixty days of a new bikes purchase.This made me look good and also brought the customer back to buy more goodies.

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    I'm afraid of the liabilities associated with selling such a cheaply built non-quality product.
    I sell my time and knowledge without touching the bike. If someone wants to build a bike
    I'll come over and talk point a lot, but their actually doing the building. $150 profit for 3 hrs
    work is really good without getting your hands dirty. Now days if I build its for me, at my own risk.
    (And I have had many bicycle malfunctions due to cheap product)

    I do understand that the reason someone needs a bike built is because they haven't any mechanical
    abilities. More reason they shouldn't own a MB. But, if they jump in and build it they soon gain knowledge
    acquired in owning one of these pieces of rolling machinery.
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  6. graucho your rite on i think i do the same now i point and let them know better ways to do it like locktite thead locker and so on
    i,v done bikes for people and what i don't like people come back and *****ing about nuts and stuff comming losse i'v told them before i build one for them it needs weeky maint and what really **** me off is the first 3 weeks after i build it they bring it back and watch me do it and i have them do it on the third week so i biuld for myself and for frinds i ride with
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    If someone wants a bike weather it be used (old bike) or a new bike...I sell them ALL as a used bike... You have to ride them to make sure it runs out right...Now it's used. I wouldn't take anything less then $200.00, closer to $300.00 if I add the mods I do, not including parts. I like the idea of selling your time and not the effort. What burns my azz is when I built one for a close friend, we had $300.00 in it (new cruiser) and not a month or so later he sold it for $600.00+. NEVER AGAIN. Had ALL my mods done to it is.
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  8. al i had a frind do that to but he sold it for 650.00 and gave me 200.00
    for the time we put into the bike
    and he biuld one himself with my tools
    but we ride 2or3 times a week
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    I agree!!

    been there....done that.

    hah.... now if somebody asks if I will build one for them I tell them to buy a Dependable Honda or a Yamaha scooter. Then I show them my greasy hands & say "Do you want to always show up everywhere like this?"
  10. Stan4d

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    Very good points! Much to my wife's dismay, they have made me decide to keep it. Going to follow graucho's advice and supervise for the money.
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    Good point Srdavo, if I had to build something for somebody I would never use HT. I understand you guys are paid in cash - if not remember that buyer can always claim money back if bike is :poop: (same with VISA). Even hen they pay in cash you can have legs broken as $300-600 are nice money thrown in mud.

    One guy ask me would I build one for him. I said sure - £200 for Honda GX35 + £100 for rest (obviously that's a first costs to scare him off). He say: Can I make it cheaper for him? I said: No, because it's a Honda (I showed him sticker). Do you know car factory like a Honda?. And he said: All right I understand. Nobody was angry.

    The best is build something cheap and let idiot to kill himself (as you never know when spokes or china snap on it or idiot will forget put enough oil and piston will seizure and accidental stop him somewhere in front of fat house wife in a van)
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    I would sell him the kit and instructions and say have at it. And tell him i do not warrent this product you by as is and you are not responsible for his actions on it . The only prob i would have selling them you get a few running around town and they can and will cause trouble weather riding without a helmet or a cop chase thats my only concern ....