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    Hello all, I am wondering if anybody knows of a good set of mirrors that i can put on my mb? The ones that i have now I have adjusted every way i can think of and all i can see is my arm, which is pointless, i think that mounting arms are too short. does anybody have any recomendations?

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    Maybe (depending on mirror) try mounting it IN the handlebar end.I had to cut the rubber end off the left grip, wrap the end of my Mirrcycle with rubber tape and wedge it in there for proper vision.Another ghetto option, carbon fiber rods or good 'ol chopsticks use to make an extension; shoe-goo, spiderflex fishing-line, and superglue are your friends.
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    I pick up good quality mirrors at local motorcycle shop - long stem $12.95.
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    Crassius is right, Motorcycle mirrors. I pulled a set off a junker Yamaha.
    Big Red.
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    I use the Mirrcycle (attaches into the left side of the handlebar end) and think it does a good job once it's positioned just right.
    My bike recently fell over and the Mirrcycle mirror part got separated from its base. I used a hammer to get it back into the base and it holds, but, it's now a little jittery when riding. It works, but, I might get another one eventually. I consider using a bike mirror essential.
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