modifying frame of a huffy cranbrook


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Jan 9, 2008
Those who are frame modification experts, I need your advice. I have to put a negrini gas tank on it and the curved tubing coming from the tail is in the way. If I modify it or cut it off from the seat post to the front, will I seriously compromise the strength of the frame?
thanks for your help.


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i had a similar problem fitting my general moped gas tank. i got lucky however, as all it took for the tank to clear the bars was some clamping from a vice grip. i'm not familiar with your tank but maybe if you try to bend the bars a bit you might be able to get it to fit.
Thats great. Thanks I will try that. Once you were able to fit the tank on, how did you fix it to the frame so that it stays there?
that, i'm still trying to figure out. I think my best option now is to weld some small tabs to the tank and use them to ziptie the tank to the frame.

Post some pics! i want to see what your tank looks like. heres mine:

Can't help but wonder, does the tank fit better backwards ? Perhaps you should look at some Chopper Catalogs for deep tunnel gas tanks. The Mickey Mouse way the China
Gas tanks are made makes it a hassle on an Areodynamic Frame, as the tank has to
balance on a small, sharp, edge. I think a slit piece of auto exhaust tubing could
dummy up the low areas. Adapter could be brazed to top tube. I'd try to replicate
stock tank mount, if your bent on running that tank. Brazed brackets would make for
a clean install.
Honestly that tank is way to big and bulky for that bike i hate to say. Put on a back rack and run you a square tank that holds a extra 3 liters if you need a bigger tank . I got a cranbrook and you need all the extra room on there that you can get plus you could change the seat on it and get a wide seat from schwin. It is like a foot wide 5 to 6 inches front to back that will give you more room on it .