Most common accident that I've had



I've been riding these bikes for a couple years .In fact I had one of the old Sears Free Spirit engines that rub the front wheel for a couple years before these china happy times came along. Well anyway it seems to me that people in cars that are turning onto the road I'm on look up and see a bicycle and then look the other way and then pull out right in front of me. They see me but don't realize that I'm going 30 mph and then I get there alot quicker than they expected and bamm. Well not bamm actually I have been forced to do radical curb jumps etc. to avoid BAMM. My last bike has a broken motor mount tore up back wheel and bent springer from the last idiot that did the look but no see dance with me... Ticks me off but then again its not all there fault. They no not what they do..I'm the guy that is out there on a bicycle going 30 + mph along the side of the road... We need more room for the bikes in this world...or less cars or I gotta move to a less populated area...Or better yet next time I'll just aim for the drivers door and ram them.... Tom in WV