motor-bicycle racing?



bird said:
im trying to get ahold of it i guess they got pretty much the whole rally on vid

they should edit the video down and offer it up for sale on a dvd. i'd buy one!


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Jul 3, 2008
Would you be allowed to pedal to get your bike to go faster do you think?

If spookytooth does this again, I think I will have to go down to AZ
I know that this is an old thread but........

Hey Tom
No need to drive all the way to Tucson and back as I have already
put on one race at Willow Springs in CA and the next race is on Oct 22nd
in Apple Valley, CA.
Yes, you can pedal your bike to go faster and having functional pedals is
just one of the few rules.
Would love to have you at the next race right here in California.