Motored Biking in South Australia

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    Hi guys,

    I am in the process of building up an MB for general commuting in South Australia and i was wondering if anyone on here has any experience legality wise.

    As far as i am aware the current SA rules state that the motor (whether petrol or electric) must be under 200w power output, there must be working pedals, and you must wear a helmet.

    The latter 2 rules are easy for me its the first that has me worried, i have a 49cc HT which undoubtedly puts out more than 200w already let alone once i add the upgrades i have planned

    my questions are:
    1. how likely am i to run into a cop that knows enough about these engines to book me for over 200w?

    2. I am planning to make stickers up for the side of the engine with "200 WATT POWERSTROKE" or something equally as corny, will this help me convince the officer that it is under 200w?

    3. i am also planning to fudge a dyno sheet stating the output to be under 200w, would this combined with the stickers be believable enough to get me out of a ticket do you think?

    4. any other ideas on what i could do to avoid a ticket?

    5. i have also heard that i can get ticketted for the motor even when i am not using it (just pedalling with the engine off) is this true?

    Thanks for your help

  2. Fabian

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    In Victoria the laws have changed. You can now get a ticket for having a toy replica engine attached to your bike, even if it doesn't have any moving parts or any drive chain mechanism to the wheels.

    It is completely up to the police officers discretion or subjective judgement and it is then up to the owner of the bicycle to prove (to the police) that the bicycle engine isn't capable of an output greater than 200 watts. The police also want to see proof from someone with technical qualifications, such as an engineer, which costs you more money than the engine and/or bike is worth.
  3. bobo333

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    How likely am i to get pulled over by an officer that could judge at my bike being over 200w though? and will the stickers and dyno sheet be enough to "prove" to most officers?

    Obviously there is always the risk of getting an officer who knows what hes talking about or is just in a bad mood and book me anyway, but how often does this happen?

    have you been pulled over and talked your way out of a ticket before?
  4. Fabian

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    In South Australia (from what i understand), you might still be ok, because the police have not adopted Victorian laws on motorized bicycles and they need to do the leg work and prove to the court that your bike is over specification.

    A friend of mine is a Victorian Highway Patrol Officer and he is throwing the book at motorized bicycle riders; handing out as many tickets as he can, because the new laws make it so easy for the police to nail your a.r.s.e to the wall.