Motorized bike build #1

Matt Barrack

May 30, 2017
First bike done! I got the kit from a guy in a sketchy warehouse but it seems to run good! I believe the motor is a 66cc and the bike is a 26" Tim Horton's bike I found in the garbage. Everything runs great but My exhaust gasket is bent as far as I know so it spits oil at my boots when I'm riding. The down tube is quite large so I had to improvise. I built a mount from a steel plate I drilled some holes in and a U-bolt. Sounds like an old chainsaw and vibrates like hell but is very fun to ride around. Last month I let my friend ride it and he cut the corner too fast and hit the curb so now there is a big dent in the gas tank. Thinking of getting a better one to mount on the back rack. My carb is also one with "speed" written on the side which I have heard means it is an even cheaper carb but as of now no problems with it. I guess that's a pretty good rundown of my bike so without further ado, here is a video of her.