Motorized bike slipping clutch

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Kash66, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Kash66

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    Hi if my clutch pads are worn or slipping how could I tell, if my clutch pads were bad, would my engine loose power. lastly I had my bike for 2 weeks so far, is there any change that my clutch pads are already worn or slipping in just the two week period. Thanks

  2. Cylon

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    Your engine would rev higher at low speeds due to the slipping and yes because of the slip you would feel less power coming from the engine. You pads should not be worn out after two weeks.
  3. Kash66

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    Ok thanks but sometimes when I go near the wind my engine slows and makes a grinding noise but when I go the opposite direction,my engine runes perfectly fine. I think the I take may be leaking air.
  4. Kash66

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    Also can clutch slipping cause a grinding feeling in the engine when I run it on full throttle. I've treated the clutch pretty bad in the last 2 weeks, has any one had their clutch pads worn that quickly or slip that quickly. Thanks for the feedback
  5. Purple Haze

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    There is a tutoral on adjusting the tension of the main clutch spring on Jaguar's site. I'm sure the pads are fine, unless it's been slipping badly, in which case the pads could be glazed over. A little TLC with sandpaper will fix that. While you're in there, make sure there is no grease on the pads, which will cause slippage. Finally, make sure the cable has a little free-play in it, if the cable is too tight the clutch will not fully release, causing slippage.
  6. Kash66

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    Ok thanks I will try fixing that