Motorized in East LA

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    From the moment I fully understood the concept of a motorized bicycle, I wanted to buy one. when I saw them on line years back, I wanted one in the garage. On the fact that something so small can get across town, I had to get one. I ended up building my own.

    When I first looked into it, there wasn't much info on it. No one had one and some people even got angry at the mention of them. I feel the anger. It's a bicycle. I'm over it.

    I also have gratitude for the practical situations these stallions are able to cross. I built a chopper (2010 Slam) and a mountain bike (2010 Mosh). I've all ready put over 120 miles on each.

    Don Grube is awesome. There is a lot of very accurate history on the internet. This has been a really fun learning experience.

    I am surprised that so many people see this as a hope for this coming century, when it was the hope of the last century. I'm lucky and I'm glad to be alive.

    Motorized bicycles can be made reliable.

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    Welcome to the forum. I really don't understand why I enjoy these motorbikes so much. I just do.