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Motorized trailer



Next spring my wife and I plan on motoring around Michigan and Wisconsin with our 3 dogs and camping gear. We figure that the total weight for each of our rigs will be in the 550-625 lb range, counting our weight. Thats a lotta weight to haul around, so what do u all think about this?
We have 2 McCulloch 32cc engines, and parts to make 2 bike trailers, including a drive wheel for each.
How about a motorized trailer to provide the added hp for when we are really loaded?
I know that the total displacement would then be about 80cc, but being 2 engines, on 2 different vehicles, I think it is enough of a gray area that I can still consider my rig legal.

I figure I'd get a nice sturdy ball socket for the hitch, to take the pressure.

So, what do u think?

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Throttles might be tough to synchronize. But it seems like it should be doable. Interesting idea.


:cool:log onto the STATON site. if Dave can motorize a wheelbarrow, a trailer should not be too difficult to do.

proper gearing will be the solution to your weight problem. and it's not gonna be cheap.:eek: