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    Hi, I am Jon Davis of Tulsa OK. I am a retired engineer and almost 2 years ago I modified a Schwinn Meridian trike using the Staton-inc gearbox. I believe I was the first to do this trike. I corresponded with Staton and purchased a lot of the mod parts from them. At that time they did not have a a freewheel adapter to fit the 17mm shaft so I bored out the 5/8" to fit. They now have done this and can help people without a lathe at home. I bet now you can get every piece to do the mod.

    I now have over 4000 miles on my trike and have used it as my only transportation for over 1 1/2 years. I just found the thread on this trike mod this morning and though I would be a good contributer of both solutions and problems.

    Although I was not allowed in the group I will moniter it's progress. Eventually they will face the same problems that I have and give input on their solutions.

    The problem I'm working on now is to make a stronger dive wheel. With heavy use the wheel will break spokes frquently.

    Jon Davis, Tulsa OK

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    welcome to MBc. Good to have another trike rider.

    after making your intro post here, you should be able to post every where else on the board.
    we welcome your input.
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    hello. can we see your trike please?