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    Well pretty sure I have the tanaka sold and I get an anxiety attack all of a sudden. I'll be without a motor and no ride. I know i'm addicted to these things now. So to get me by till I figure out what exactly i'm gonna do I pull the trigger on a honda gx35cc $225 SEW , I know i'll be happy with it accepting its limitations. The tanaka 40cc I never thought would be as loud as it is, very disappointing to me. When your riding with it 3/4 or above your advertising here I am for 2 blocks, can't have that drawing the cops attention. One of these days i'm going to get up the gumption and get a honda 50cc but with the carb, fuel tank mods and adapter maybe looking at $600......RRRRRR maybe someday. $$$$ learning curve goes on but for me i'm sure of 2 things only japanese motors and 4 strokes.