Mountain Bike Problems

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    I'm going to try to upload a picture of my present mountain bike, it's a great bike and I am loyal to it believe it or not it's almost three years old I think. The problem is I want to make it a motorized bike but check out the frame, is there someone that makes a motor that will work (front wheel drive perhaps, lol), I hope. Please do not suggest the electric type, not saying electric is bad or anything it's just it won't hold a charge for the length of time I would want it too to get to the places I'm going. :confused:

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    I appreciate your time to tell me about this site, thanks a lot, but that is what I am talking about with what you pay for for these motors you can purchase a moped/scooter which surprises me. You would think the cost would be less for a motor for a bicycle but who knows the thinking behind the pricing game!!