moved my fuel tank(s) to the rear

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  1. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello all,

    Just thought I'd report my findings on fuel tank location. I was reluctant to take it away from "between the knees" because I didn't want to lose the classic motorcycle appearance. But that location just wasn't very convenient for a few reasons. So I put the tanks on both bikes on the rack. Much less hassle.

    And something strange came of it; while my wife's bike (pic included) no longer reminds me of, say, a 1919 Triumph it has come to remind me of something else. Picture one of those low-end/economy, American "sports" cars from the very late 50s and very early 60s. This bike now reminds me of, let's say, a 1959 Plymouth Valiant. Or maybe it's just a bit "Corvair-ish". There was also a 2-door Studebaker (can't remember the model name) that was probably meant to appeal to the Valiant buyer.

    It's odd that a bike should remind me of a car. But I'm not unhappy about it. It's interesting, at least.

    And though it hurts, I'm gonna have to give up on the white-walls. I just can't keep that rear clean.

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  2. Yes. I see where your going with that. It actually looks okay right there.
  3. schizuki

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    The first Indians had their fuel tanks mounted on the rear fender.
  4. MikeB1

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    i did the same with my tank and hung a set of saddle bags over them.I like the look. mike
  5. JemmaUK

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    Alot of the european cyclemotors went for a rear tank or one mounted aft of the seatpost and forward of the rear wheel. In that case I think it was for economy of materiel reasons considering that they were mostly designed post war

    I like the bike and the tank looks like it has fitted up well. Do I spy a common or garden torch fitted up as a front headlamp - I like that idea on cost grounds considering how much a fairly underpowered bike light costs these days..

    hope you have fun riding :)

    Jemma xx
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    Yup, that's a flashlight, or torch, as headlight(s).

    But now I'm curious; what's the difference between a "common" torch and a
    "garden" torch?
  7. MikeB1

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    I have a question on the whitewall. Are you scuffing them off with the chain?it may be a spacing problem then.
  8. BoltsMissing

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    "garden" torch is used to grow,tomatos !
  9. bluegoatwoods

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    There was a bit of chain scuffing at first. But now it's on the other side. When i realized what was going on, I took the axle apart and adjusted things further toward the pedal chain side and turned the tire around. Damage is minor and should not affect the life of the tire.

    But then I oiled both chains pretty heavily. Splattered oil all over the entire back end. It apparently has soaked into the rubber because I can't get it off.
  10. BoltsMissing

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    Might wanna try Shell Advance Chain, High Adhesion Motorcycle Chain Lube.
    Comes in a spray can, usually found at go-cart or motorbike shops.
    You'll have to wash the oil off the chains though cos this stuff sticks on steel like maple syrup.