Carby Muffler discoloration (maybe lean?)

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by danlandberg, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. danlandberg

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    000_0001.jpg I just got this build running. After a mile of riding, and the muffler had turned a copper color. The needle clip was set at the second grove from the top. I moved it down a grove to allow more fuel to air mixture. (speed carb + billet intake). Going to see how it runs today. Any ideas?

  2. Mufflers get very hot, some fall apart and some turn colors. My black cat muffler still looks like new, guess i am lucky. It depends on how cheap they were made.
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    I was thinking it was cheap! The one that came with my RAW kit only slightly changed color at the header. I'm in break in right now, So I did not want to over heat anything! I moved the needle clip down one grove, and took it for a 7mi ride today with no issues! I think I''ll leave it during the break in. This is the first Flying Horse I've built, And don't know how reliable they are!
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    if a chrome pipe turns blue, that's a sure sign of the engine running too lean. but normally, if there is any blue coloring, it takes place on the header pipe, not on the muffler
    your muffler turned a copper color, so maybe it was just cheap, thin chrome.
    there is a layer of copper under maybe the chrome was too thin on the pipe.
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    I agree, Chrome is put on top of copper and brass, on top of mild steel. Copper sticks best to mild steel. Just must not have had enough coats of chrome! Or it was done on a Monday. LOL
  6. give me vtec

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    you are running a flying hoarse... my flying hoarse chrome muffler did that too. Be sure to keep the screw on the bottom tight, that outer sleeve will fall right off.

    Not lean just a cheapo muffler... unscrew that bottom screw, take the sleeve off, and see whats underneath if you dont believe me.
  7. danlandberg

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    Yes a Flying Horse. Are they any good (reliable)? I have two engines, going to cut the muffler of the unused one, for the header pipe. Going to put a SBP chamber on. Was going to wait till after break in, but don't think I can wait!!! Just don't want to hurt anything!
  8. give me vtec

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    dont know about reliability... mine is barely past break in.

    it is the slowest of the three so far... but seems to be the smoothest.

    i would wait a couple of tankfulls before you make any modifications.

    i can tell you how to mill your head if you want more power.
  9. AussieSteve

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    Dan, what colour is your plug?
  10. danlandberg

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    Vtec, I have already put an angle fire head, billet intake and speed carb. This 66/80cc seems to be as fast as the 48cc Grubee I built for a friend but is smooth running! Steve, I have not checked the plug yet, Going to put a SBP chamber on and give it a run. Don't know when I'll get to try it out. (It snowed here again this morning) :annoyed:,:thinking: I'll see what happens this week! THANKS for the input guys! ""need input''
  11. give me vtec

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    pulled my plug today... chocolate brown.

    Its definitely the cheapo muffler. Wouldnt worry about it at all.

    dan... mine isn't an angle fire head. I will put an angle fire head on it tomorrow and see if that makes the difference.

    I was riding it today... the flying hoarse seems to be a nice engine so far.
  12. danlandberg

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    The Flying Horse does seem to be O.K. so far! I have not used a tank of gas yet. Only put about 7mi. on it. Trying to not go over 1/2 throttle, but that's hard for me! I'm going to try to fit the SBP chamber on tomorrow. I need to have more power to ride in this town, alot of slight hills here.