My Dream Of Enjoying A MB Went Bad

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by OCLandspeeder, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. OCLandspeeder

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    A short time back I introduced myself in here in the hopes of becoming a permanent member. I lurked, learned from many, learned the laws, and enjoyed the input of others. The stuff I have absorbed in this website will stay with me. Unfortunately, I will not be a MB owner for the foreseeable future.

    In a nutshell, I purchased a MB from an online retailer and due to extremely poor assembly work, sloppy packaging, and a lack of willingness to stand behind their product, my MB never hit the road. Instead, I am now fighting to return the MB and get my $$ back. I will do a thorough review very soon in the vendor review section, where I will spell out the details. But for now, I must remain quiet until the case has been settled.

    My advice to those of you who are contemplating buying a complete MB from an online retailer is: don't! Build it yourself! If you do buy a complete MB, make sure you get a written money back guarantee that the bike will be in complete working order otherwise, you can return the bike for a full refund. If the retailer is not willing to do that, then build the MB yourself.

    Due to this very nasty experience, I am holding off on buying a MB for the foreseeable future.

  2. RMWdave

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    well well. "sour grapes for all"

    you should at least get it working with help from members and call it money spent. leave a nasty review about the vendor still.

    i havnt gave up yet. andi need a whole new back wheel at a cost of about $100 at the most with a week delivery wait....
  3. give me vtec

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    OC, you gotta stop crying about this. Be a man, figure out a way to make it work and feel better about yourself at the end of the day as a result... like the rest of us. No offense, but it's kinda what you get for trying to take a short cut and buy a ready-made complete bike. Most people here spend a great deal of time researching, buying, waiting, building, cussing, and figuring out how to put the d*** thing together before they get to enjoy even a second. It's kinda how it works... to quit and go home after a simple packaging error says a lot about you. Don't quit because it will definitely be worth the trouble in the end.
  4. OCLandspeeder

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    When you pay someone $150 extra to assemble and test the bike, what are your expectations? At the very least the bike runs right?

    The bike arrived with missing parts, broken parts, and was assembled by a drunken monkey--it looks like it anyway. Frame scratches everywhere! Some parts did not fit. Etc. I spent hours trying to get the bike to work and I could not. I tune up cars and motorcycles myself without any trouble! This bike was beyond help.

    Sorry if you guys think it is ok to get defective product and spend time you paid someone else for to get it running. I don't. If you buy a bicycle from your LBS, you can at least expect to ride the bike around when you get it home! This bike was unridable as is! Now all I want is my $$ back and I can't even get that going. If this is the state of the MB industry, then I do NOT want any part of it!
  5. give me vtec

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    why didn't you buy a $90 craigslist bike and then put a $120 motor on it like the rest of us? I have put 4 together now and have yet to put one on without at least a couple of scratches... thats why you find a $90 bike.
  6. Happy Valley

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    I hope you are able to settle the financial score promptly to your satisfaction. There's no excuse for shoddy workmanship if that's what was being passed off on you.

    Tempting as it might be it's hard to throw an indictment against the whole MB industry though. (if there is such a thing and if there is it's still in it's infancy) There are scammers in all lines of business. Settle your score and publish your review.
  7. retromike3

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    A question of time

    Scotty on the old Star Trek said "fool my once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I would treat this as a "learning experience". Now you have a full set of engine/transmission and bicycle to experiment with. I don't remember how much you paid but it could not have been as much as a new fully suspended Canondales I see hanging in garages around in this neck of the woods.

    I am sure if the frame on the bike is in pretty good shape you can get the rest of it up and running. there are quit a selection of good web pages that can get you the info you need to sort things out.

    I have been a bike mechanic for longer than I would like to think a about. and there are very few cases were the bike was a total write off.( Mom backing over timmys bike with the Suburban is one.) so buck up. this is not the end its just a little slower start.

    Mike-slower and wiser-Frye:eek:
  8. machiasmort

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    Take it from a guy who got burnT. This guy rebuilt his bike w/ help of the members of this site. Decide what you want to do? Do you want a return? Do you want a MB?
    When you decide, let us know, we are here to help guide you!

    Pay attention to the bottom of the screen. What is the content your personality?
  9. machiasmort

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    Sorry but some of us don't like to loose!
  10. mlcorson

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    I'm with you. Where I come from, I expect a man to do what he says and stand behind it. Short of that reflects the poor integrity of the seller. Too many here, in my opinion, have a "What did you expect?" point of view. This is misplaced thinking, and it results in more sympathy for a shoddy product than for the consumer. Get your money back if you can. Did you use your credit card? You can protest the payment if you did. Don't give up on MBs. Come back here, ask for advice, or PM me and I'll coach you to make the right purchase choices to assemble a quality MB.
    Definition of an upset: An unfulfilled expectation.
  11. bluegoatwoods

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    I'm sorry to hear it, too. If the seller gave you a piece of garbage, then he doesn't deserve our sympathy.

    But don't give up on having and riding a motor assisted bicycle; a bike and a happy time motor are easy to get. You can put the two together. I promise you that, short of some major disability, you can do it.
  12. arceeguy

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    You would think that a fully assembled bike would be put together properly and test ridden!

    I always test my bikes for about 10-12 miles before they go to their new owners. My main concerns are initial engine break-in, and carburetor tuning for the engine and proper brake/shifter adjustment on the bike.
  13. OCLandspeeder

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    Sorry for being such a sour-puss last night. It has been two weeks of dealing with this ordeal with the retailer of my MB so I was and still am not in the best of moods. Let me explain further.

    The bike itself is NOT a total loss. But it has enough broken and missing parts so that it is unridable even as a standard pedal bicycle. That's just the beginning.

    The installation of the motor kit was horrible! This is the part where I simply threw the towel on it and decided to return the bicycle. In a nutshell, the builder was either drunk, did not care, or was in a big hurry, because only 50% appeared to have been done right. I say "appear" to be right because as I went through the bike carefully, I kept on uncovering build-issues that should not have been present if the bike was professionally built! Minor issues like deep frame scratches on every area where there was a part installed, loose fasteners with no loctite, etc. These were minor issues mind you. Major issues made it impossible and/or not safe to ride the bike using the motor.

    The worst part was the unwillingness of the retailer to take the bike back. The retailer wanted me to get over the issues and work around it. Unfortunately for me, I made the mistake of paying the retailer to do all the work when he only did half the work and made a mess of it! I have very little time because I work a lot so I just wanted to ride the bike. I can't even do that right now!

    Knowing what I know now, I would buy a bicycle from Target/Walmart/Amazon, buy a Motor kit, and build it myself. As it stands, the motor kit on my bike cannot be made to work properly without replacing a few important items due to the shoddy assembly done by the retailer. I will continue to work in getting my $$ back. Once that is settled, I will start over again. But it won't happen overnight. Thanks all for listening.
  14. RMWdave

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    if you paid with a credit card or paypal, i would dispute it with them and counter-rip the seller for his goods. use the refund you get on gear and gear up.

    im a little ****ed too that i cant ride and my bike has been broken %50 of its life but part of it is my own **** fault.
  15. Hawaii_Ed

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    What's wrong with the build? Give us a list, and we can give ya solutions! I have a stack of extra parts, like most of us do, and we'd all be happy to help get ya on the road!

    The beauty of these things is even if it is all messed up, you can fix it all for less than $100 normally.
  16. Mountainman

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    truly surprized to see this happen
    a little homework here on site proves to be for most
    a good THING -- fun ride
    credit card company should be able to make it right
    when I owed a bicycle shop
    credit card companies told us -- the customer in almost ALL cases would be refunded...
  17. give me vtec

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    x2... what are the problems.
  18. OCLandspeeder

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    Thanks Ed. Appreciate it.

    I know that I can overcome most of the issues simply be buying the parts, and re-installing some of the parts on there right now (doing it right). You are right, it would easily cost under $100. What I cannot undo are the scratches all over the brand new frame. Also, I tried asking the retailer to refund me back the labor I paid him to put the bike together since the job he did was so poor! I was willing to work through the issues if he refunded me that part. He would not do it.

    So screw it! At this point, I want to win this case simply on principle alone. In this day and age, nobody should put up with this kind of BS. I want to punish this retailer for lying to me and then not standing behind his product by insisting on a full return and refund.
  19. OCLandspeeder

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    Mountainman, how does that work?

    If my credit card company refunds me the $$, do they take that $$ back from the retailer?
  20. OCLandspeeder

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    I do not want to go through the detail of this right now until I settle it completely.