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    This Is one that myself and a friend completed over the course of a few days. She is a Schwinn Cruiser with a 66cc engine. I originally got both the kit and the bike as a birthday present to me, and it took me a while on my own just to mount the damn thing. Once I got the help of a friend things went much smoother. the kit itself is just an el cheapo Chinese moped conversion kit that I got on auction for half of what it was worth, which has unfortunately caused some problems during building the bike. But it runs great now and I love riding her around town.

    Vikki Velocipede.jpg

    Future projects:
    Tighten up the rear breaks
    A better chain adjuster (Which I have I just need to figure out how to put it on)
    One of those speedometer Computers (Which I also have I just need to find it)
    Better carburator
    Thinner gaskets for the engine
    Learning Chinese (so I can figure out if my carb is open or closed)
    Different seat
    Better handlebars
    Shocks maybe?
    Bigger Wheels

    I will add more to the list when I figure out what else I need to do.

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    Looks like a good commuter motorbike. A suspension fork will really help since you have thinner tires (700c?)
    I think you can get tires for it up the 30mm width.