My first motored bike...

nice bike! when i saw the 1st pic where you just see zip ties, i was like wha!!!?!?!?!? but then i saw the welds lol!

might wanna hit the welds with rustoleum, and the pipe. if its sittin in the rain. i would also suguest a bag atleast for the carb, and the tank, cause they both have beeen known to leak.
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I think I'm giving up on the motored bike thing for now. I have still been looking in to other mods though. I have been looking at much higher quality bikes. And I think I'm going to go electric hub on this one. I don't want to put one of those dirty motors on a nice bike.
Should have

Drilling would be superior to that weld. Not sure why the builder went through all that mess for the front mount. Just use the 3 Hole adapter and drill. Takes about 3 mins , clean, and works great. As for the E hub. I have sold a lot of them. And..I must say. They are clean to operate, not clean to make or dispose of. Acid, Gel, Lead, some even have Lith Ion. Heavy metals. Very bad for everyone and everything. Very.. Very.. Also you charge all night just to go 10 miles. Unless you plunk down the big bucks for Lith Ion Batteries. Also, the E bike hub and battery can add 50lbs or more to your bike. Again.. Range is around 10 miles, maybe 15 with Lith Ion and if you ride half throttle. But.. Full throttle will yield a top speed of 20mph. Maybe. 25 . Maybe. The E bike is good for a run to the local store and back. They are good for very short trips. Silent, and smooth, and quiet. But.. A 4 stroke Titan will run circles around it. And talk about Clean... The Titan is EPA and Carb approved , is also very quiet, and will run circles around any E bike. What would be cool is to build a Hybrid. Now your talking... But an electric bike as a Stand alone, it just is not practical except for the very very few. It is more of a play toy than serious transportation. An expensive play thing. You may argue that it is transportation with Lith Ion batteires, but that is a heavy price to pay for batteries for sure. Last I checked it is close to 200 dollars to run a 36V system with Lith Ion. Wow !! For 200 dollars, and gas at 5 dollars a gallon, I can buy 40 gallons of fuel. And at 130mpg, That same 200 dollars will take me 5,200 miles... Wow !! And that is at 5 bucks a gallon !! Over 5,000 miles.. And at 30mph to boot. Enjoy the ride...