Need help with a Xmas present i bought

First off thamks for any and all help! My pops (71yrs young) has always wanted a motorized bike. He tinkers with everthing from clocks to heavy equipment and has lots of everthing inbetween. I bought this bike at a auction yesterday for $70.00. I would like to find out about the bike and motor and is it a factory built motorized bike? I need some parts to make it complete such as seat. fenders, side cover for motor, any other sheet metal, a lever on the motor that appears to be broke and anything elese you guys/gals can come up with. Where to buy parts? Pops is not one for something that looks new more of a Ratrod kinda guy like his 55 dodge pickup rat or his 39 chevy rat. Thanks again for any help. Ros
@rospaw Thx, intentionally or not, for hipping me to the other forum. Don't know how I missed it, especially with the capping on it gets from this forum. It looks like it might be what I've said previously that I'm looking for. More new tech ideas to make MB's more useful and less parade floats. That is, less show, more go.

I'll watch both fora, but don't expect much more here than the usual large old boys on social security whining to each other, building the SOS, different paint job.

Bob how do you feel about bikes which shift gears automatically?
LR, UR the shining exception. I have stated several * that your build is quite ingenious. Also, thx once more for the common sense advice on upsizing to the GX50. I am going back and forth on that, but your idea was head and shoulders above mine.

Loquin has also been a big help. I would be walking without his tip for using the mid drive on a tri-hybrid gearbox for alternator power. A few others try, many others disappoint.

Truth is, don't know if the other thread is better, but I'm impressed a first glance. I want to see more game changing builds, like yours.
Yeah there's been a 2 speed Q-matic. It'd be nice to see a auto shift gear box with at least 3 gears. I know there are some CVT out there. Maybe an auto shifter could be hooked up to transmissions with a gear shift lever.