my first motorized bicycle build

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  1. DetroitChoppers

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    this was my first bicycle build! has a 49cc honda engine with a 3 speed trans and suicide shift. currently working on a westcoast choppers bike will post some photos soon

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  2. AussieJester

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    Nice job... however...lack of usable pedals and a gearbox (in motor) make this a motorbike not a motored bicycle to me....and, more importantly in my part of the world, the eyez of the law...whats the laws in your state pertaining to riding unlicensed motorcycles with a gearbox with no drivers license and insurance? Either way I like the ride, bet it hauls with that motor in it.
  3. ya looks like it hauls @$$ and it's real purty like, but no pedals make it a moped or motorbike. I wonder how long you can cruise without getting pulled over, most of the time the cops won't impound your ride - they just want a closer look, but some cops can be real sticklers for the rules, so be careful out there!
  4. DetroitChoppers

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    i was gonna leave the pedals on it but the way it sits it was very uncomfortable! ive been riding this bike in michigan for about 5 years now been pulled over a few times and just been told to turn it off and walk it the bikes top speed is 52 mph and does it quite newest bike does well over 70
  5. cheeseman

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    Looks great but be careful. Bicycle parts wern't designed for the high speeds your driving them at. If you blow a tire or have some other type of mechanical faliure with the wheels at thoes speeds, your toast.
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  6. Hawaii_Ed

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    Wow, that looks pure MC! Nice job on the build!