My Fosscati Bike Fleet as it stands

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Irish John, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    Here are my favourite bike builds. The blue Schwinn Cruiser is my personal transport. It's a 2008 Schwinn Alloy 7 with twin V-brakes. They stopped making them and now all Schwinn cruisers here have coaster brake at the back. Great shame because nobody wants my motored bikes with coaster brake. Can't back pedal to position the wide cranks on corners and that is a real pain.
    I do my own decals now and all the bikes have Aussie names. The Black Schwinn D7 is popular but it's all steel and very heavy so it has to have a Honda to pull it properly. It is also very expensive because the bike is $950 and the motor over $600 and then theres the kit and a lot of fabrication to make it fit on a large 7 spd hub. Well set up it drives like a real motorbike. I used to think the springer forks made a big difference to comfort but I think I love my alloy Schwinn the most and it can't take springers cos the head tube is too long. It sounds like a little Ducati.
    I also like the Schwinn Tango Tandem for quiet rides in the countryside.
    I have a Mongoose NX7 mountain bike that I'm very fond of as well but the saddle hurts me when I ride it.
    The 700C wheels on the Giant Elwood really make a big difference for riding comfort - much smoother on a 2-stroke than the 26" wheels.
    I ride a lot with other guys whom I've built bikes for and we call ourselves the Mild Bunch and we refer to our bikes as Hardly Davidsons.
    We are like a real bikie gang and not to be messed with!

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  2. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    John, you are a real artist, from your beautiful bikes to the elegant artwork in the your media and pics, Nice touch with the skywriting.
    I can only imagine the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to bring everything up to such a polished level.
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  3. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Nice bikes. I love the thumpers.